Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Goals

One goal that I hope won't fly by night before the end of the month is my commitment to update our family blog more regularly. I'm going to spare myself the feeling of failure by NOT overcommitting (another resolution) that I'll update every day, or even every week. My goal is to simply get more family memories documented so that friends and family can follow along and so that I'll have an easier time with our family scrapbooks when I sit down to do those!

Kids!!! Everyone loves Kid Updates. So here are mine:

Olivia is going to Christian academy this year and she is really doing well. She's finally starting to overcome some of her shyness issues, so we are very thankful that we've been blessed witht the opportunity to attend HCA.

Olivia is also enjoying her first season competing at Level 2 Gymnastics. She has her first meet in December and brought home 5 medals, 4th Place All Around. We were very proud of her! She has her second meet on Sunday and she is beyond excited.

Zachary is growing into quite the young man! He is all boy and he teaches me something new every day. He's finishing his last year at the church preschool and will hopefully join Olivia at HCA next year. We're still praying about whether or not he'd benefit from an extra year in the young 5's program at FB.

Zachary is our little imagination man. He can think of and create anything. Just yesterday he and his Daddy made a movie and I must say it's a Blockbuster. He was so excited to share it with me when I got home last night and I was grinning ear to ear while I watched him (as Mario) defeat Bowser (aka: Rex from Toy Story). Who knows, maybe someday he'll be an actor or a director and can take care of his dear Mommy and Daddy when we're old.

Pictures to come next time. Promise!

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